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Perform crimes, steal cars, gamble at the various casinotables, employ prostitutes, build up a steady supply of drugs, own objects, take part in several actions organized by the administrators and much more.


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Recent News

welcome to the new round, changes ahead  2021-06-12 3:15 PM

Small note: Please read through this message completely, cause it can contain important information for this round

Hi all,

Welcome back to a new round on vandettacrime. I want to congratulate the 10 winners of the previous round. As of this writing the prizes are being awarded.

As usual, this round will contain some changes. This round however will contain several drastic changes to hopefulle give more pride during playtime.

1. The creditprices of bankmoney did increase drastically, to ensure players need to put in more affort to become rich.
2. The prices of drugs are increased, this to motivate players to build up a drug-empire. The slight risk of getting arrested is slightly increased to balance it out.
3. The items 50.000.000 and 100.000.000 bankmoney did vanish, this were event items from the start, so they're gone now.
4. You'll need to be a deliveryboy/girl before you'll be able to start up a family now.
5. the money moneypresses crank out now is slightly lowered to 1200 pound cash and 1200 bank.
6. a new mission lineup.
7. The creditreward in the wheel of fortune is slightly lowered to 25.
8. the amount of credits for active players is lowered to 10 credits a day.
9. The amount of credits received when referring other players is now lowered to 20.
10. The amount of credits received when gaining goals are lowered to 5, 10 & 15.
11. Two new countries are added to the game. guatemala & peru. Both countries have strong connections with the drugtrade in the real world.
12. The rank needed to become a president of a country, is lowered to empty suit.
13. The prices for objects did lower. 300 credits for each casino, 400 credits for a bullet factory, hospital or prison, and 500 to become a president. This first were 400 for each casino, 500 for each bullet factory, hospital and prison and 600 for every presidentship.
I sincerely hope this list of changes will introduce new playing styles.

Event during this round.
During this round there will be a event, yes, the entire round. It is named the treasure hunt and will be hosted by Dunkelfeuer. I only put out the mention, Dunkelfeuer will send out a mass mail detailing the details of this event later.

Good luck during this round guys and girls. And that the best may win.

Sincerely yours,

Vandettacrime crew
Reset, reset, pretty soon  2021-06-01 9:25 AM

Hi all,

The reset, the reset, is very soon, namely, on the 12 of June. Somewhere around three o'clock in the afternoon. On that date and time, the landscape will be smiled upon by the moon, after which ...

Ah well, never mind ...

This message is to inform you all that the next round will be started on the 12th of June around 15:00 o'clock. The server will close down around 13:00 o'clock after which maintenance will be done. If you have any suggestions for the game, then feel free to suggest them to either me or Dunkelfeuer. The next round will be started around 15:00 o'clock. The prizes will be awarded to the top 10 in the strength category. May i remind you all to the prizepot?

Prizes current round:
1st credits worth 50 euro's.
2nd credits worth 40 euro's.
3rd credits worth 30 euro's.
4th credits worth 20 euro's.
5th credits worth 10 euro's
6th till 10th, credits worth 5 euro's.

All prizes will be in happy hour values.

Good luck to all for the remainder of the round.

Take care all, and stay healthy.

Sincerely yours,

The vandettacrime crew.
Birthday events scheduled  2021-04-07 8:52 AM

Hi all,

I hope you all had a wonderful easter celebration, if you celebrate Easter of course. The bunnies are almost on the way out and a new event is currently being scheduled. This event will start on the 26th of April. Which will be my birthday. I will turn 27 that date for anyone who wants to know.

What will be in store? There will be scattered packages of course, in which i hand out small presents. Also the mass donations will be something i will hand out regularly to all Vandetta's, not just the players who are online. Perhaps 1 or 2 other things will be planned as well. This event will run till the 3rd of May. So an entire week to benefid from the events. #Yay!

As i said, i hope you had a wonderful easter and that you won't be as sick of eggs as i am, wheter it to be the chocolate varients or the real eggies.
Happy Easter!  2021-04-02 12:18 PM

Hi all,

I want to wish any and all of you a happy easter period. What does this mean for vandettacrime? Well, easter eggies will pop up during your playtime around ehre alongside with easter eggs dropped by the staff from time to time. With nice snazzy and hopefully helpful gifts to aid you along the way.

Happy easter! And don't run over or trip over sweet chocolate bunnies.

sincerely yours,

Vandettacrime crew
reset scheduled, a bit later  2021-01-09 5:06 PM

Hi all,

Due to all the hectic stuff i forgot to schedule the reset for this round. The reset will be on the 16th of January around 15:00 o'clock. The server this time will close down around 10:00 o'clock to give me a little more time to prepare the stuff. Nothing new will be anew i think, but this is also due to the webshop duties i have to attend to as well. Just to gimme a little more time.
Reset summary:
Date: 16 january
time: 10.00 serverclose, server opening 15:00 o'clock.

Good luck during the remaining week.

Greetings, pelantas


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