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Mafiashood is back and we will stay active this time. For those who dont know what Mafiashood is, let me tell you. Mafiashood is a text-based browser game that have content of real mafia crime. please dont take the actions ingame to seriously in the viritual world.

Ban Requests and help : support@mafiashood.com

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Recent News

Update 1.03  2013-07-18 6:34 PM

Changes made to Mafiashood.

- 1st VIP member will be awarded with a great amount of cash.
- Energy Feature has been updated,changes: VIP's get a higher amount of energy and will gain faster new energy charges. you can now win energy in various Casino's, When you gain a new rank it will be refilled to 20 for all members.
- New email made: Support@mafiashood.com send messages to <- if you need help or send a ban request.
- Weekly In-game tips at Owners profile: www.mafiashood.com/HfleaZ
- Voting sites besure to vote for us at the following buttons above, top voter will be awarded, spamvoter will be degraded.
- New Standard Avatar, image below~

Enjoy the updates