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Important!!!  2011-02-16 10:18 AM

Dear members,

The big day is here !!

You can now pass on to www.shadowwalkers.nl here we have a flag system so you can play in your own language.

Everyday about 25 members online and playing.
On NL we have a shoutbox,you can talk to other members but beter layout and smileys.

The credits and money you have here will be send to you on jour new account on NL

All you have to do is send a post to duikboot on NL.

More updates on NL to play and you will get:

* 1,000,000 mil play money
* 5,000,000 mil on the bank
* 1000 Credits
* 14 VIP days
* 72 ours protection

You'll start with 7 VIP send duikboot a post and you will get 7 extra !!

So lets play on www.shadowwalkers.nl