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MafiaCreator news

Country options update8/Sep 

Over the last couple of months, we received many requests for new unique country options. As you all know, not all countries did possess such a unique feature. So, with this knowledge in mind, we started working on a new update, which has been launched today!
Previously, there were several unique options available for a number of countries, dependant on the countries you had activated in your game. The unique country options were:
- Dirty old Pope (Italy)
- Mysterious packages (France)
- Human trafficking (China)
- Stock market (Germany)
- Soccer betting (Brazil)
- Russian mob (Russia)
- Kill the Pharaoh (Egypt)
- Robbery (to some extent, there was the possibility to undertake certain operations in a country)

The changes and added features:

Dirty Pope
The Dirty Pope option (or Junkie Pope in case you replaced prostitution with drugs), remains the same. You can activate or deactivate this country option. Activation is only possible when Italy is playable in your game.

Mysterious packages (free update)
When France was a playable country in your game, you could already activate the mysterious packages option. With this option, your members could search for these packages in the Eiffel Tower, and earn money or credits when they found one. From now on, this option is also available for China (Chinese Wall), Egypt (Pyramid of Cheops), India (Taj Mahal), Italy (Tower of Pisa) and the USA (Empire State Building)!
Previously, you could only search for mysterious packages in the high season. Now, you can choose whether or not you want to keep this setting.

Human trafficking
When China was a playable country in your game, you could already smuggle people from China into Europe. This option has not been altered. Remember: this option only works when you’ve also activated at least one European country.

Stock Exchange (free update)
The renown Stock Exchange in Frankfurt was already available if Germany was a playable country in your game. This has changed: now, you can choose to move the Stock Exchange to any other country in your game. The default country for this option remains Germany.
This is not all: the stocks can also be altered. Besides the default well-known German companies, you can now also add you own company names!
Furthermore, the percentage from every transaction that disappears into the pockets of the corrupt stock broker, can now be changed.

Soccer betting
The Soccer betting option remains the same and is only available when Brazil is a playable country in your game. Of course, you can activate or deactivate this country option.

Russian mob
The Russian mob option remains the same and is only available when Russia is a playable country in your game. Of course, you can activate or deactivate this country option.

Kill the Pharaoh
When Egypt is a playable country in your game, you can still try to murder the Pharaoh in exchange for a nice reward every week, so nothing changes. Of course, you can activate or deactivate this country option.

Robbery (free update, provided that you possess drugs / robberies update)
The Robberies update consists of several operations you can undertake. The loot can be money or extra drugs capacity. You could, for instance, rob a Kebab business in Turkey. From now on, you can choose which countries you want to attach to the available options

Safe (free update)
From now on, you can choose to grant access to the safe from one specific country only (instead of from every country). This makes it harder to reach the safe and leads to a better distribution of your members across the countries in your game. Of course, you can also choose to leave everything the way it was.

Shop (free update)
You can now choose to grant access to the attack / defense shop from one specific country only (instead of from every country). This makes it harder to reach the shop and leads to a better distribution of your members across the countries in your game.

Red Light District (free update)
The Red Light District is normally available to all the countries in your game. Now, you can assign this option to a specific country, in which members can continue their search for prostitutes.

New: Group robbery (50 MP)
With the Group robbery you provide your members with a new unique country option. It makes it possible for groups to attack an object chosen by you. This a live process and can only be performed 5 times per player per day in the country you assigned to it. You can set the minimum amount of players that have to participate, and the maximum yield of such a robbery.

You can choose to always display every unique country option in the menus and timers of your game, regardless of the country the players are in. If players are not present in the country to which the option relates, a message will be shown that says that players have to fly to the corresponding country before they can use that option. You can also choose to display the unique country options in the menus but not in the timers, and vice versa. It is also possible to display a country option only when the player is actually present in the corresponding country.

A brief summary
We bring you many new country updates, most of which are completely free! The player manual will be neatly adapted to the changes you make in your country options settings. Keep in mind that for a number of updates, the “countries management” update is required, in order to make optimal use of these updates. Due to the fact that some of the updates are optional and others allow you to add your own text, this update provides the perfect possibility to further customize your game and make it stand out from other MafiaCreator games. Try out the different settings and create the perfect gameplay balance for your game!

Play poker against the computer30/Aug 

Empty poker rooms, waiting for ages to play a game... a known problem, but today we introduce a solution: poker bots!

When you have activated the poker option on your game, you now have the opportunity to activate the poker bots. They come to action where there are no (or not enough) players in a poker room.

This new feature is included for free in the existing poker update. You can activate the bots on the casino management page.

Have fun playing poker again!


It took some time, this is partly because of the holidays, but there are some new updates made!

E-mail adresses
If you have a domain on MafiaCreator, you can now add your own forward addresses. For example, you can create and all e-mails will be forwarded to your own mailbox. Your first address is free, any subsequent address costs 10 MC.

Block list (ingame)
When you are on the block list of a player, you now get an error-message when you want to send that player a message. This way you don't have to wait for ages for a reply. Also, you can't add crewmembers to the block list anymore.

Friends & enemies (ingame)
If you have no friends or enemies, the empty tables will no longer appear on your personal profile.

Family forums (ingame)
As a crewmember, you often see a lot of empty family forums without any message in it, making the list unnecessarily unclear. From now on, only family forums with at least one topic will be listed (and ofcourse the forum of your own family).

Free ammunition (ingame)
Previously, players with rank 8 (or higher) got free ammunition every day. This is removed because there is generally too much ammunition in the games.

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