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MafiaCreator news

A real breakthrough: Build in your own layout!28/Sep 

With our monthly updates, we try to prevent the Mafia games on MafiaCreator from looking alike. Today, we step it up a notch. We present an update that will help you in your efforts to offer a unique game: create and set your own layout! MafiaCreator already contained a range of default layouts for you to choose from, but it was not possible to fully customize the looks of your game. Until today……!

For 250 Mafia Points, you get the option to build in your own created layout. Read the instructions, use them in creating your own design, and convert your newly created layout into HTML. After you followed these steps, you can implement the layout in your game!

After purchase, you will have access to a control panel containing:
• Instructions
• Setting a layout (logged off, HTML)
• Setting a layout (logged in, HTML)
• Setting a style sheet (CSS)
• Image uploader (max. 10MB)

A default simple layout will be displayed for you to preview, so that you can see for yourself how this new update works.

Building in your own layout requires thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Player’s manual, hall of fame and market place21/Sep 

Last week, we launched the country options update. However, there was still one little problem: the player’s manual didn’t change with the chosen settings! Of course, this is not how it should be. That’s why we have fixed this issue along with some other small bugs that were still present in the manual. From now on, the player’s manual will be in line with all your implemented updates.

Alongside this fixed issue, we have introduced some new and fun updates, which we’ve already implemented in the player’s manual as well.

Only available when you are in possession of the rank management option:

• From which rank on are players able to rob a money truck? From now on, you can set this rank.
• From which rank on are players able to use the notepad? From now on, you can set this rank.
• From which rank on do players receive $ 5.000,- every day, because of their prestige? From now on, you can set this rank.
• From which rank on can players take respect points from each other? From now on, you can set this rank.
• From which rank on do players receive the safe for free? From now on, you can set this rank, or choose to completely deactivate the free safe option.
• From which rank on can players play offline? From now on, you can set this rank, or choose to completely deactivate the offline option.

Hall of fame (25MP)

This new update contains the Hall of fame. For 25 Mafia Points, you can purchase the Hall of fame option. The Hall of fame is more or less a copy of the statistics page from the previous game round (i.e. the stats from before the last reset).

You can set which and how many components of the Hall of fame are to be displayed, in the same way as for the statistics management option. You can add your own text that is displayed on top of the page. Of course, you can also choose to use one of your own pages for your Hall of fame.

Market place forum category

On the MafiaCreator owners’ forum, there was a rapid increase in the number of topics. Who wants to advertise on my game in exchange for Mafia Points? I sell a banner for 10 Mafia points! I sell my entire game! And so on….. All kinds of topics created too much chaos in what supposed to be a neatly organized forum. Therefore, we have created a number of subcategories in the market place forum:

• Entire games (games for sale)
• Design (header and banner design)
• Promotion (advertisement, link partners)
• Other

New Layout17/Sep 

We added a new layout that you can buy for your game. You can see the screenshots below.

The price is: 50MC.

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