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MafiaCreator news


Over the last couple of days, we’ve again worked hard to bring you some new functional updates. Scale wise, these updates appear to be not that big of a deal , but they will be highly noticeable because of their effectiveness.

Family table

We’ve removed the “Don” column from the family overview page, because this column fell outside the layout margins in larger games and was redundant anyway (after all, the “Don” is also displayed on the family profile page).


Normally, the statistics page is always visible, even when you’re logged out. You can now choose to display the statistics page only when you’re logged in (provided you possess the statistics management update). Furthermore, you can now add a number of new stats:

• Highest boxing power
• Highest number of bullets
• Highest number of credits

Skip missions

Not every game owner is happy with the “skip mission” feature. Now, you can manually set whether or not players can choose to skip missions. Go to “manage your website” -> “game options” to adjust this setting.

Unlimited offline

Previously, you could take you game offline only once a month. Now, this is possible anytime you wish.

Cash balance family

The cash balance of the family is now visible in the family shop. Previously, we received many complaints from players who couldn’t buy anything in the family shop, not knowing this was caused by insufficient funds on the family account. Hopefully, we’ve solved this issue by displaying the current cash balance of the family in the family shop.

Life time money presses

The life time of an illegal money press is now also displayed in the family shop. This prevents complaints from players afterwards.

Easy member edit

Questions like “how to make someone a crew member?” or “How do I edit someone’s credit/cash balance?” are often asked in our forums. To clarify these kind of member issues , we’ve added a button “members editing” in the “admin” section.


Previously, when you had sent a newsletter, you sometimes received the message “unfortunately, you’ve already sent a newsletter in the last 10 days”. However, you weren’t informed on when you were allowed to send a newsletter again. From now on, this information is displayed.

Marksmanship experience

We’ve added a simple “click to start” button, because some players didn’t realize they had to click on the area in order to start practicing their shooting skills.

Work / Waiting times

In the “waiting time management” section, the “working” option can now also be set as “waiting time” (you need the waiting times update). You can choose from 3 / 5 / 10 and 14 days.

Entry fees family

The maximum entry fee for players to join a family can now be adjusted by game owners (provided you possess the “family management” update).

New! Opening hours (50MC)

As game owner, you can now set the opening hours of the following game objects:

• Stock market
• Shop
• Airport
• Hospital
• Bullet factory
• Bank
• Safe

The store only opened till 6 p.m.? It’s now possible! The bank closed on Sundays? Bummer, but from now on, you can set opening hours as you wish. After setting the opening hours, these will be displayed on top of the concerning object’s page. In case an object is closed for the moment, a “CLOSED” sign is displayed beneath the opening hours.
A unique update to make you game even more realistic! The “opening hours” update is now for sale and costs 50 Mafia coins.

Beautiful new layout including configurable outgame (200MC)25/Nov 

Today we've launched a beautiful new layout including a configurable outgame teaser layout page. This layout is in the theme of "Pimps and ho's".

Its available for 200 mafia coins. See the screenshots below:

MafiaCreator updates!23/Nov 

You may have noticed that we didn’t implement many new updates this last few weeks. This was mainly due to the launch of MafiaCreator affiliate websites in three European countries. With that said, we can now present the first of a whole bunch of upcoming updates.

Selecting members

In a number of game options (e.g. organized crime), you are expected to select a fellow member from the game. Previously, this had to be done using either a dropdown or a free text input field. From now on, you can choose between the following possibilities:
• A free text input field
• A dropdown box
• A free text input field with autofill feature
(set this in the “Game options” part of the “Site management” section

Firing bullets

A surplus of bullets in your game? A new updates makes it possible to do something about that. If the “marksmanship experience” option is active in your game, you can now choose to deduct a bullet every time a shot is fired during the “marksmanship experience” mini-game. The remaining number of bullets is displayed live during the entire “marksmanship experience” mini-game.


Do you want to make it absolutely impossible for members to donate money to each other? Switch the donate option off with the newly available setting.

Purchased extensions

Want to see what extensions you already have in your game? If logged in, you can now view the entire list on the following page:

Make your own game

Have you ever wanted to create your own browser game? Mafiacreator gives you the ability to make and manage your very own mafia game, free of charge! Interested? Sign up above, fill in the requested information and your game will automatically be created. You will get an email with lots of information, get access to our internal forums and be the proud owner of your very own online game! We hope you will enjoy the creating, managing and maintaining of your own browser game: mafia games rock!