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MafiaCreator news

First updates of the new year26/Jan 

In 2012 also, you may expect a lot of new updates and extensions to your own Mafia game. Below is an overview of the most recent changes:

Player notes (40 MC)
With this new extension your crew is able to keep notes for each player, so there is always a complete history available of for example warnings. Any bans are also automatically added to these notes. Via rights management, you can set which crew members can access this feature.

New exchange office options
To the exchange office management extension three new options for the exchange office were added. Once activated, with these options members in the exchange office can buy a ‘timer reset’ for crimes, stealing cars and murder.

Shorter waiting times for VIP members
Having the VIP management extension in your possession, from now on you can set an extra benefit for VIP members: reduced waiting times! This percentage can be set from 10 to 50%.

{username} tag now in newsletter too
The {username} tag can now be used in the newsletter too. This is automatically replaced by the username of the player in question, so you can personalize your newsletter even further.

Follow forum topics
On the forum you can now follow your own topics more easily. Besides the ‘active topics’ you can now display ‘my topics’. This lists all the recent topics that you have started or where you have responded. This new feature is both available in the game and in MafiaCreator.

Remaining attacks
From now on, on the attack page is displayed how many attacks you have left, and how many times you can still attack the same player.

Ho, ho, ho... New updates!15/Dec 

Santa Claus is back in town and clearly he hasn’t forgotten about MafiaCreator. Under our Christmas tree we found the following updates today:

Interactive map
With this new extension your players get to see an extra item on the homepage: a map showing the main game components that are available. In this way, they get a quick overview of where they can go and how long the possible waiting time is. If any, the opening hours are also included. Do you own the waiting time extention too, then you can choose to only show the waiting times that do not occur on the map. This new extension is on sale for 250 MC.

Sequence main menu
A new item has been added to the control panel: "Main Menu". With this item you are able to adjust the sequence of the various links in the main menu of your game.

Private Message in case of attack
Players can automatically receive a private message every time they are under attack. This new setting can be found under the profile settings.

Banned players
An extra icon has been added to the player profile of banned players. In this way you can immediately view all information about the ban without having to visit the court first.

Admin logs
From now on will also be shown in the admin logs when a member is moved to another country.

Additional language: Spanish!
Recently MafiaCreator became available in Spanish. From now on, this language can also be purchased as an additional language for your game.

Christmas season option
The Christmas season isn’t quite complete without the Christmas season option. Those who don't have this extension yet, can still purchase it for 50 mafia coins. The start and end date of this event are adjustable.

MafiaCreator wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

New updates + lotto!21/Nov 

Today again some updates for your Mafia game, and a completely new extension: lotto!

Mass donation
When you make a mass donation, you can now also choose to restrict your donation to members who are online at that time.

Mini chat control
The mini chat control now includes an expanded chat history, across multiple pages. When someone empties the chat completely, this is now displayed in the admin logs.

E-mail address game owner
In the game itself, it's not possible to change the game owner's e-mail address anymore. However, in the MafiaCreator section 'General information' this option still exists. From now on, in case of a modification you will receive a link on your old email address too, by which you must first confirm the new address.

Lotto (75 MP)
The new Lotto extension is an exciting alternative to the existing Lottery. Players can choose their own lottery numbers, and can participate as often as they like. Lotto can be played with money or credits, and both the bet and the draw time can be set.

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