Married To The Mob:

Set in an interesting time back in the 1930's, the world is ready for a takeover and we are players in that story. Set yourself as the Don and build your family from the ground up. Take over the streets and run your little slice of the mafia how you see fit. Take on other mobsters and commit crimes as you go. Remember, you are only limited by your guts and what you are willing to do to make it.

This game has mature content. 18 and older please.

Please jump into the forums and introduce yourself and learn a little about the game.

*Please be patient, we are still under development and are making changes as able so that this can be a fun game for all*

**#** Update **#**

We now have some new features. Active players will now get 15 creds everyday they are active. We have a better bot protection in place. Check your home page to see your countdown for all your available crimes. New players will get 20 days VIP treatment, always fun. We have a live chatbox and mini-chatbox for all your pleasures. And you can now get married if you want. More to come.