You were a young person with a good life and a happy family, then one night it all changes. You wake up to find all your family dead and you are the only one in the house left alive, the cops come in and you then get framed for the murder and put in to jail on the 20th June 1986 and were finally released in 2010.

All you want is revenge on who wanted your family dead and now it is time to find out who it was. You have people that will help you on your way, you have people that will give you information for a small price and you have people that you should not trust. Your uncle is a big help to you and a very important person because he is the only person left in your family alive, he will do whatever he can to help you and keep you alive. He used to be a very well known person in the mafia business until he lost one of the most important people in his life, he then gave up shortly after that and never got involved but he is not taking it anymore and is willing to help you kill this son of a bitch!

You are going to go the Way of The Mafia, make history in the mafia and become the Ultimate Don. You will have to go through a series of missions to get there, some may prove costly or fatal but it will be worth it. Some may mean you having to kill some of the most powerful people in the mafia business or maybe just some low life gangsters, but whatever it is you will not give up until you find the guy you have wanted to kill for 24 years.

If you ever finish your missions it is then down to you to just become the highest rank in the mafia world. You will have to kill people to make you look stronger and you will have to do as much crimes as you can to make you much stronger. Start a crew work with people but do not trust anyone!







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competition  2012-03-30 11:16 PM

who ever gets the most Referrals will receive:

1st:1000 credits and 50 million(bank account money)

2nd:500 credits and 35 million (bank account money)

3rd 300 credits and 20 million (bank account money)

4th:250 credits and 10 million (bank account money)

5th:100 credits and 5 million (bank account money)

good luck everyone
i have jus recently added the chat box  2012-03-22 10:00 AM

so have fun

the management








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