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Lara21/Jul | 17:31 

1,315 members
One of the mails that I seem to frequently get are game owners telling me that their games have been hijacked/taken over by another person.

Your account login and password details are really your responsibility. If you're foolish enough to give them out to another person, who then subsequently takes over your game, there is very little that we can do about it.

Please make sure that no one other than yourself has these details, otherwise, you're just leaving yourself wide open to be scammed.

Also, one of the posts I see here most frequently are from game owners looking for staff for their games.

You do not need to have staff if your game is just starting off or is brand new. I struggle to see why anyone with a members list of less than 1k actually needs staff.

If you do have staff, make sure you use the features in your cpanel to make sure they have limited use of staff features and are not able to do certain things such as delete accounts.

This is basically common sense, but it's something that arises time and time again, so please keep your accounts and games secure by following these basic rules.

You should also be aware of people impersonating MC staff members. Staff from MC will NEVER ask for your login details and password.

If you have any questions about any of this, please post in this thread and I will come back to you as soon as possible.


sapphire22/Jul | 08:02 

553 members
Thanks for the info Lara. This is Skywolf and I would really like to see the logs that were the determining factor that got my game shut down, because I still feel that I did nothing wrong to have that done to me. Thanks.

Lara22/Jul | 17:19 

1,315 members
I do not have access to the logs, I am a mod here for MC. You need to PM Crimer directly for further information.


Angel20/Sep | 00:19 

62 members
They get hacked or taken over because of the way mc do things , the new way for hacking or taking the game over now is that a owner asks someone if they want their game , when agreeed the new owner changes pw and email , but what they dont realise is the old owner has to accept the change of email as mc send the old owner the message asking the old owner to confirm the change , the old owner ignores the message so when the new owner changes the pw it then gets sent by email to the old owner who then waits until the new owner has spent cash on the game , eventually the old owner goes in by the pw that has been sent to their email , he then changes everything back to him and takes the game back over , it was done on my sister , so everyone be careful when you are offered a game .
MC did get the game back for her , so all turned out good .

Last changed by Angel on 2012-09-20 12:21 AM.

Admin-Apoc20/Nov | 09:47 

24 members
Also I think the advice on not need staff under 1000 players is wrong.

my game has come on leaps and bounds since I have made guides ( they have no more rights than another player, but have a different coloured name )

They help new players with tips, get them involved in chat, OC's and GR's.

The games confusing, the manual isnt a whole lot of help - and unless you can buy the own manual upgrade and then make it look good, it's hard for new players to come along

i think most of these games DONT work cos they have 1 admin - 1 person needs sleep and cant be online for ever, when no admins are on the MC spammers start to creep through

Stoned13/Apr | 08:28 

367 members
very true Jugg I've seen this happen personally a few times.

Admin28/Apr | 11:20 

1 members
Hey when I created Mayham I messed up on my email address I put shawnandalicia@gmail instead bc I dont own shawnandalicia im unable to send email if I put new as shawnandalicia87@gmail as new I would have to go to old to click confirmation link and I dont own that email to be able to do that can u change it to the correct email which is please and thanks.

1BADMOFO12/Nov | 05:06 

60 members
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to4oo44/Feb | 01:56 

1 members
It's great to see that they don't care about the people who made them their cash.

Karma18/Dec | 19:37 

2 members
Before adding your staff to the game that you are trying to create. Make damn sure you have your security in place especially No Recapcher which you can get your settings and api over at Also make it twice if not tripple times harder for spammers to log in, use a Q&A if this site has one if not maybe someone could code it.

Also force everyone to make odd numbers even for passwords such as sksighal#2!DLFKSO that way they wont guess it. Never use the same password on any other site.... good way to get hacked and slammed with a lock down. also if you get your own Domain.. get SSL... asap.. its reason and cheap.... and very good protection for your site and folks willl, feel safe if they purchase an item in game.

last rule.. NEVER EVER GIVE YOUR PASSWOES to any family member this includes husbands and or wives. I'm pretty damn sure they are smart enough to figure out, oh hey he's just or she's just protecing the site. One last thing make sure you have those logs enabled so that you can keep watch of what happens..

Happy gaming guys and have a great holiday.