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Crime2kill is an online text-based multiplayer game where you are a maffiosi. You have to get on the first place by killing other people , stealing cars , betting in the casino , commit crimes , etc.

Each 2 months , a reset will take place and we begin a new round. The best players of the previous round will win an ingame price.

Round 1 started at 3/1/2011 and will end at 3/3/2011. The prices will be shown soon in the ingame forum.


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Recent News

member list update  2011-01-23 3:02 PM

The member list has been updated. From now you can choose between power , rank, or date joined to sort the players a you want.
new round , new begin  2011-01-03 6:25 PM

Stickyguns is completely renewed. Now the new name is crime2kill. We also installed a new lay-out and the game is completely updated.

We started our first round wich will end at 3 march 2011. The prices will be shown soon.