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 </br> In this world, watch your back.  You never know if you are a target.

Are you the hunter or the prey?

There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who want blood and those who want even more blood.  Start a family or join one.  Kill or be kill.  Do crimes.  Steal cars and re-sell them on the market.  Whatever you gotta do to get to the top.  In the mafia there are no friends.  There are only "friends". 

This game does not have rounds.  If you don't like the leader in charge of the world then take some time to build up and take him/her out!  Good luck!

24 hours of protection! Take it or leave it!

Don't need to be protected then get rid of it!

Try to become the "Monthly Best" and win Credits or Cash! Your choice which one!
Come give it a try!

Recent News

Lots of Upgrades  2014-01-01 5:59 PM

There will be lots of upgrades most recently you will find a energy upgrade in top left corner you will need energy to do tasks within the game