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The only online php web based tactical war game played in real time!

As regular citizen's spawn into mindless criminal's, they vow to fight back against the governments of the world who have turned their backs and abandoned them in their time of need.

Every move and decision you make, could send you six feet underground, or bring you closer to the glory of obtaining your rank and achievements!

work hard as an individual or partner up with a trusthworthy member for organized group missions and fight to achieve the highest rank of World Conflictor and reign as the most powerful ruler in the world!

Log-in or Register to "view" more information as you learn to play the game!

Recent News

WC Update  2016-01-31 8:44 AM

We are sorry to inform and confirm to all world conflictor active and inactive players, that all special options in the game will be turned off until we have reached a minimum of 100 active players, then we will be turning new options on.

The options that will be turned off are:

- Missions
- Auction
- Stock Market
- Scratch Cards
- Mysterious Packages
- Human Trafficking
- Red Light District
- Robbery
- Murder The Pharaoh
- Soccer Betting
- Russian Roulette
- Russian Mafia
- Dirty Old Pope
- Group Robbery
- Drug Dealing
- Money Truck Robbery
- Poll
- Detectives Will Be Deactivated

The options that will still remain active are:

- Racing
- Steal Cars
- Crimes
- Casino
- Credit Lottery
- Wheel Of Fortune
- Car Transport
- Gym

And everything else...

Upcoming Updates:

We have just created a Facebook community page where you can get more information and future update releases, you can also get more information about the game and steps on how to play, the ranking system and more!

We are currently working on the ranking system and other options in the game, like fixing icons, html pics, graphics, gameplay options, ratios, stock market, store and more.

We are basically creating and fixing everything on world conflictor, everything will be reset and rebooted.

The reset of world conflictor will not affect players in anyway, your stats, money and everything else will remain the same and will not be touched.

More updates we are fixing is the add click program, link partners, exchange office etc.

We have locked pages we are currently deciding to release as part of the game that had never been seen before, we are working on it and the next update will include these featured pages.

We are fixing our website, blogs, wc manual, community page and more.

In game features - we are fixing everything.

Some of the things we are fixing in The next 6 weeks:

- New icons set for all dependencies.
- New Facebook Connect.
- Speed And Reliability.
- Waiting Times.
- New missions, Crimes, Special Packages, Assassination Missions, Strength Ratio, Gym Options, Marksmanship Icons And Background And Much More...
- Game Layout Development.
- Exchange Office Differentials.
- New VIP Stats.
- Casino, Items, Icons, Ratio, Payouts, Chance Percentage.
- Bot Protection.
- BB-Utility Codes.
- Advertisement Frame.
- Add Click Program.
- Referral Bonuses.
- Rank Management.
- Personal Goals.
- New Crew Options.
- New Cars.
- Rights Management.
- Forum Management.
- New Countries.

Stay tuned on our official Facebook page to keep up with current updates, information on updates and future updates and more!...

Thank you for playing and thank you for you patience with the new upcoming world conflictor game.




Stay tuned for more updates and information on the game world conflictor..
W.C. Grand Opening  2012-04-28 12:20 AM

The first 50 players to register to this game and the first 50 referrals to this game will receive 500 conflictor credits(cc) to use at the exchange office to buy vital elements to progress in your game.

- You also get 250 (cc) for signing up
- If you referr someone to this game and they reach a certain rank you get an extra 25 (cc)
-Extra (cc) ingame (wheel of fortune, lotto, add clicks and more)