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In a corrupt world overshadowed by crime and violence it's up to you to do what you got to do to survive. Criminal organizations rule the world and justice is whatever the strong say it is. Armed robbery, murder and other violent crimes are always the talk of the day as nine out of ten criminal cases are never solved...  

And yet we find the courage and strength to go on, we are, an adaptable species... Finding allies, building empires and destroying anyone who stands in your way.

It's simply a jungle out there, do YOU have what it takes to survive?  

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Current round: 2 [10-08-2011 / 10-11-2011]


At the end of the round the following prices can be won:

Top 1 Rank: 5000 Credits

Top 2 Rank: 1000 Credits

Top 3 Rank: 500 Credits

Top 1 Murders: 5000 Credits

Top 2 Murders: 2500 Credits

Top 3 Murders: 1000 Credits

Top 1 Family: 5000 Credits [Per Family Member]

Top 2 Family: 2500 Credits [Per Family Member]

Top 3 Family: 1000 Credits [Per Family Member]

Recent News

Round 2  2011-08-09 6:29 PM

Round 2 [10-08-2011 / 10-11-2011]

In round 2 we have changed and added the following features:

- Added server and local time at top of the page.

- Added the Marksmanship feature

- Added Upgradable houses in the shop

- Expanded the Auction House

- Added Jailbreaks turns

- Changed Lottery values

- Changed Rank progressing (Now faster to rank up)

- Changed some timers

- Deleted countries (Only Italy, USA and Russia left)

- Added Personal Goals

- Decreased jail time

- Lowered Family property prices

- Added Facebook application

The goal of all these changes is to make fights more interesting and easier for players to advance! It will also be much easier for players to generate Credits!

Please feel free to give feedback so that we can make Round 3 even better!

Hope you all enjoy round 3!
Passed the 250 Player mark!  2011-04-30 11:20 AM

Today we celebrate passing the 250 player mark!

Everyone with 10.000 strength or higher will be awarded with an additional 250 Credits!

Killing  2011-04-23 1:42 AM

As the Poll results are in, We have now limited the killing option to only 2 ranks lower then yourself. Anybody 3 ranks or more lower then you can not be killed by you. This is to maintain fairplay.

Also attacking someone no longer cost the attacker strength!
Referral Contest  2011-04-16 12:56 AM

We all know about the referral program that you can partake in. 25 Credits for every referral that gains the rank of delivery boy/delivery girl.

Urban Jungle is still pretty new and we need more active players to make it more fun and a even greater game!

To give some extra incentive we've come up with another contest!

As you may know we have a statistics section where there is a top 5 active referral. Whoever is at the top of that top 5 by July 21 will win 10.000 Credits!!!

That's right, 10.000! That's about an Urban Jungle Lifetime of credits!

The way we see it, You can win a great deal of credits and you help contribute towards a more active game! A win-win!

So go out there and start promoting your referral link! And remember new players that register with the same IP address as yourself don't count towards your total.
Godfather Contest  2011-04-04 8:04 PM

Everyone who reached the rank of Godfather/Godmother before the first of May 21:00 Website server time will receive 100.000.000 (100mil) cash in their player bank account!

Enjoy and goodluck!