Welcome to Underground-Warlords

This game is free for all to play, if you have any problems, please contact our Admins or Moderators. For starters..it might be a good idea to read the Manual before starting, there you'll find some tips on what your supose to do.





1: Inactive memebrs may be banned after 60 days.

2: No spaming of other games, this well resault in you getting banned..

3: Let Admins know of any Glitches or Hackers.

4: Respect the staff, they are here to help.

5: Have as much fun as you can !!!!






Theres many more updates that we can purchase for this game, but in order to do so, we need people purchasing. Feel free to check out the deals we have for you. Help make this game go to the top 10. No, you dont have to buy anything. This is a free game for all. Just keep in mind, theres many more options for buyers, like getting VIP. VIP allows many more options that free players can't do. Check it out and see for yourselfs.





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