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Welcome to TheEuropeanMafia

In this game you can get different ranks by commiting crimes, steeling cars, dealing drugs, kill other players and much more!

When you gonna play this game you will come in the underground mafia world, but beware there are more gangsters in the underground mafia world! Do you think you can become the Godfather in the game?

Check it out and get 7 Days FREE VIP!

Recent News

Working on new layout.  2014-01-07 11:01 PM

I apoligize for havnt been active for a while.

But in the future the we will work more on the game. But been bizzy with education and stuff...

But i hope in the summer We get TheEuropeanMafia active again!
and hope youre will take a look at the game again in the future.

Thanks to all for being here on the game. Have been nice time and fun. Hope youre had fun time!

I will send a mail to all players in the future then we get TheEuropeanMafia Active again!

Have a goodtime!

Kind of regards,
Staff Crew.  2013-06-19 1:02 AM

We are at the moment Searching for Staff crew

We zijn op dit moment zoek naar personeel bemanning

Wir sind im Moment Searching for Staff Crew

Jesteśmy w momencie wyszukiwania załogi pracowników

Suntem în acest moment Căutarea echipaj personal

Estamos en el momento en búsqueda de la tripulación del Personal
WIN CREDITS AND MONEY  2013-03-24 4:25 PM

Hey mate we really hope that you are interested in trying to help get more players so the game can grow so the game can be more fun and active!

That's why we madea referral competition!

Them with most referrals earns(€ gamemoney):

Top 1 on most referrals list - 1500 Credits & €100.000.000

Top 2 on most referrals list - 700 Credits & €50.000.000

Top 3 on most referrals list - 500 Credits & €25.000.000

And im sure that you can get on the list. It's not that hard get on the list!
And for every active reffreal you automatic get 7 days VIP!

But the credits and money competition ends at

We wish you goodluck !

With kind of regards.
We are atm looking for a junior helper.  2013-02-28 9:00 AM

1. Where you from ?

2. How old are you?

3. What languages do you speak?

4. What's your experience with TheEuropeanMafia?

5. Why you want to become helper?

6. What time can you be online(game time) ?

Wrrite om the forum on thé following link:

With kind of regards,
Welcome back!  2013-02-13 2:12 PM

Welcome back everyone

We are happy to see your back on TheEuropeanMafia,

If you had an account on TheEuropeanMafia from before you need to register again, becouse we have reset the game so all accounts has been deleted.

We hope we can get a good round with everyone, new cool stuff has allso been added to the game!

Then you make you character it will start with:

Cash: 5000
Bank account: 25000
Credits: 50
Protection: 48 hours

We hope you will have fun and make new friends on the game, make you own family try get top 1 family, attack other familys to steal km² from them, so you own family can get a bigger income!

If you have any questions you can allways ask the staff crew, and if there isn't any staff crew online, you can allways ask in chat or in forum under Questions.

We will allso be loooking for some helpers, we will make a forum about that soon.

Els we just wish that you will have fun on TheEuropeanMafia!

With kind of regards,


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