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The game rules are an addition to the General Terms and Conditions. In case of breach, an admin punish economic reset, rank reset, account reset or ban.


§1. 1 Your account may only be used by you unless otherwise agreed with crew.

§1.2 Anything you write and create on your account even if you have given someone else access is your responsibility and you will be held accountable for actions that are against the rules.


Chat and Private Massages:

§1.3 All in the chat room must be in written English so everyone can understand what is being written.

§1.4 All chat which is not about the game is not allowed.

§1.5 Spam and advertising punishable by ban and / or account reset.

§1.6 Threats and foul language is not allowed.


Bots, bug abuse and hacks:

§1.7 All types of automatic control of the account is not allowed punishable by ban or account reset.

§1.8 Hack of accounts will be reported to the police.

§1.9 Using a bug / error with profit intentionally or not reporting a bug / error on purpose is strictly prohibited.



Are you uncertain whether an action is illegal feel free to contact the crew!