Welcome to the Mob, do you have the guts to survive. can you be at the top.

Will you be the richest criminal, will you succeed to the top?

Select your country, be the president, own a casino, or even a hospital.

Fly around the world, do crime, steal cars.

Invest in stocks and gamble in the casino.

Join or even create your own family.

Go to the Red Light District and make some easy cash.

Go buy some guns or go boxing.

Train at the Gym for strength

Attack and murder your enemy's.


Need more inspiration?

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Recent News

New round  2012-12-17 5:01 AM

The family Infinite has won our first round.

Game has reset. Goodluck to all!
New updates  2012-01-27 11:01 PM

Hello Mates we just added a new theme. If you do not like it well go to the poll and vote! I will do whatever the majority says!

Also I will be adding houses soon along with a new set of icons.
Entire shop recieves update!  2012-01-25 11:35 PM

The shop is finally balanced out!
All items are proportionate (price for stats) but offer different stats.

Also the more expensive the item is the higher the proportion.

Basically if you buy 1 9M item it will save you 1M+ then if you try to match the same thing with less expensive items.

Also now the items are not the same. Like the attack and defense will be different unlike how it used to be.

Have fun guys!
Mafia creator  2011-10-06 3:14 AM

Planned maintenance

Start: 06/Oct 02:00 CET
End: 06/Oct 07:00 CET

For those of you who are unsure, CET is UTC + 1 hour.

There were a number of problems with one of the server's last week, so a complete hardware-inspection is planned on Wednesday night / Thursday morning.

To avoid data corruption, and to be able to test everything thoroughly, games on this server will be unavailable during the complete maintenance frame. To minimize the inconvenience this maintenance is done at night.

So if we are effected then yea dont complain it is mafia creators fault
All right guys  2011-10-05 1:16 AM

Hey hey hey! We are coming back!
Basically we are going to be doing rounds!

Every 1-2 months game resets and winners get a few perks to help them in next round. Keep on rocking mates.

Round settings and info will be released soon


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