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Welcome to the Best mafia game on the net! Free to play and addictive as well. You can do anything a made man/woman can do. Ex.


- Recruit members and recieve $1,000,000

-Win a Cash and prizes

- Do random jobs to make money

- Steal cars

- Sell cars to other players

- Race cars for cash

- Start a mafia family

- Organize crimes, hits, and even boss meetings

- Gamble at the casino (Roulette, blackjack etc.)

- Own the casino games and bank serious cash

- Fly to different countries

- Invest in the stock market

- Complete Missions

- Train at the Gym

- Box other players for rank

- Become president of a country

- Break your gangsters out of prison

- Promote your family members to various ranks or get promoted

The list goes on and on and we are adding more options soon! So come climb to the top of the underworld............If you got the balls.