Username teddy
Health  0%
Strength 7,722,148
Country Egypt
Married to No partner
Cash $ 15,490,864 Member since 2011-04-24 11:43 AM
Bank account $ 0 Referred by No referral
Family No family Last online 2011-06-23 1:36 PM
Gender Male Attacks won 77
Rank Safe breaker Attacks lost 1
Respect points 7 Murders 7
Protection No Missions completed 6
On vacation No  
Personal text
I'm selling my rullete. Write to me if you want it!!!
http://www.wmafia.net/register/teddy click
here if you want to see how much i have in safe ]
I'm active player. Everyone knows that I can be invisible but someone forget this (if you don't beleave me see in Manual→Rankings→Shoplifter).
terminator3 No family 35,276
If someone have problems with him, have with me!
Morio The_Family 184,371,251,285
cannon No family 6,678,503,765,914
Bad_FiGhTeR No family 1,115,748
These are in my family and If someone have problems with him, have with me!
sandy12 No family 0
Maby this one not but he is under my protection.
☺☺☺☻ to protect.▒║▓│┤╡╢╖╣║╥┬†░-
badboi No family 1,699,637,498
He got me $1,200,000,000!!!
☺☺☺☻ to attack.╩
Personal goals
Murder Prison
Steal cars Race
Airport Ammunition factory
This friendship has been confirmed by both parties!
This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!