Username Grandmasta
Health  100%
Strength 402,782,424,424,039,296
Country Columbia
Married to No partner
Cash $ 111,268,833,770,961,328 Member since 2010-08-28 4:10 PM
Bank account $ 117,108,985,561,011,056 Referred by No referral
Family Meldrakia Last online 2015-01-13 6:29 AM
Gender Male Attacks won 257
Rank Gang leader Attacks lost 13
Respect points 353 Murders 22
Protection No Missions completed 6
On vacation No  
Personal text


Anyone in my family is protected by me, don't mess with them. Godfather is like extended family, if he needs it, I'll help. The Syndicate started me out and if any old members come back, they're protected too.

The three most important things to remember when playing this game:
1. Always bank your money
2. Always heal, anything less than 100% is bad. 75% can be an almost a guaranteed kill depending on the attacker.
3. Most importantly, you can't succeed in this game by yourself. Make friends.

Any other questions feel free to ask, I'll help you play the game if you want.

I don't really attack anyone anymore. If I do it's for money or because I don't like you, I guess. I'm always ready for war, but I'm lazy, so I like it better when people are nice lol.

:: funny stuff ::

Safe breaker


...2nd time

You attacked cannon and...
Hey fool, you are holding the weapon backwards!
You lost 13% health in this failed attack.

_______________[Thursday Feb 20, 2014]_______________
It's taken this long to reach the top, without multis, and without cheating. I did have a lot of friends looking out and helping me. Godfather probably passed me by the time anyone reads this but I made it up there.


Most of my friends here don't play anymore, so props to the fallen I guess. Props to the ones that are still around too :D
Lulu No family 321,305,147,099,842
Adamm No family 4,260,280,199
gangstr1 No family 18,907,471,614
Big_John Medellin Cartel 61,162,699,793,862,064
badboi No family 1,699,637,498
godfather No family 3,400,460,594,118
DarkVamp No family 4,067,318
CODE No family 606,555,295,657,400
kapper No family 16,843,694,911,107
clk63amg No family 130,160,521,869,638
Skelo No family 71,685,518,485,578
Any current/former members of The Syndicate or Meldrakia.
DeFo No family 223,636,944
Godfather_ No family 72,232,245,520,085,808
Meldrakor No family 3,846,081,645,510
Styles No family 201,878,618
The newer guys/girls
badboi_ No family 128,504,021,503,865
Stoned1 No family 7,062,708,982,421
dima No family 52,307,158,033
hotstuff No family 1,087,500,020,003
roseisarose No family 0
Slayer No family 30,000,000,000
bj5483 No family 25,917
Objects in possession
Blackjack Ireland $ 59,274,710
Ammunition factory Columbia $ 5,538,860,000
Prison Turkey $ 7,233,800
Ammunition factory USA $ 1,308,135,000
Prison Columbia $ 1,849,200
Horse races Columbia $ 0
Ammunition factory United Kingdom $ 3,796,875,000
Ammunition factory Turkey $ 3,539,465,000
Hospital Ireland $ 1,222,500
Hospital USA $ 2,306,250
President Columbia $ 528,750
Blackjack Columbia $ 66,000
Prison Canada $ 952,700
Prison France $ 24,790,100
Horse races Egypt $ 70,000,000
Ammunition factory China $ 2,897,825,000
Guess the number Columbia $ 0
Personal goals
Work Higher / lower
Attack Wheel of Fortune
Airport Drugs
Ammunition factory Boxing club
Crimes Race
Prison Steal cars
Blackjack Lottery
Respect Murder
This friendship has been confirmed by both parties!
This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!