Username Finbarr
Health  100%
Strength 16,402,989,494,898
Country United Kingdom
Married to No partner
Cash $ 13,555,000 Member since 2010-07-22 1:25 PM
Bank account $ 101,021,514,041,391,936 Referred by No referral
Family No family Last online 2014-10-04 4:10 AM
Gender Male Attacks won 191
Rank Godfather Attacks lost 9
Respect points 718 Murders 30
Protection No Missions completed 5
On vacation No  
Personal text
Finbarr is my name//real one.

death_queen Smokin Aces 134,346,234,876,991,760
Tony_Montana No family 124,454,369,398,307
hotstuff No family 1,087,500,020,003
Lulu No family 321,305,147,099,842
kapper No family 16,843,694,911,107
minx No family 1,057,716,256,964
Trinity No family 0
Godfather_ No family 72,232,245,520,085,808
proskills555 No family 0
yolo No family 11,828,042,879,774
cannon No family 6,678,503,765,914
Big_John Medellin Cartel 61,162,699,793,862,064
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Ashley No family 126,022,352,790,436
Ever No family 128,004,357
philippa96x No family 9,989,236
DonGlanon No family 176,352,923
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ice-kill No family 587,049,120
Redsteel No family 0
ConnorLowe No family 0
brbas_02 No family 4,571,737
ect ect
That's how u put up videos:
Personal goals
Wheel of Fortune Crimes
Auction Higher / lower
Drugs Airport
Steal cars Boxing club
Work Attack
Prison Murder
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