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Welcome to Mafia Supremacy


This is a FREE game based on the real mafia lifestyle. The game is fully  browser based so you wont need to download or install anything. Only need internet to play.


In Mafia Supremacy you can form a criminal organization with friends or family. You unite with other people from around the world. Create your reputation with no respect for the law, and it wont be easy.


Compete against players from around the world! Make your way to the top! Hours of Fun! Do you have what it takes to become top Supreme Mafia Mobster?

What can you do on Mafia Supremacy?

  • Crimes for cash
  • Organized crime with your friends or crew
  • Train your Marksmanship to become a better killer
  • Steal various cars inc specially added ones for in game competitions
  • Race with your stolen cars to win cash
  • Human trafficking in China
  • Money truck robbery for cash
  • Robbery for cash or drugs
  • Group robbery in every country for a large cash haul
  • Fight the Russian Mafia or play Russian Roulette
  • Search for the mysterious packages in the USA for cash, credits or ammo
  • Murder "The Pharaoh" in Egypt
  • Produce your own drugs in your drug lab and sell them to the junkie pope or for cash
  • Use the airport to fly 22 different countries 
  • Train in the boxing club to increase your boxing skill
  • Go to the gym to perform sports and earn random strength
  • Spin the wheel of fortune to win extra rewards
  • Murder other players and earn credits via the hitlist (if there on there) and take there wealth and objects
  • Work for the mafia
  • Create or join a family to battle or steal from other families


Recent News

Marksmanship  2019-12-20 7:40 PM

I have change the Marksmanship so that you do not need to use bullets.