This is my mafia game. If you guys or girls sign up now I'll put $200,000 in your bank account for the first 200 member that signup. The members that have signed up are my mafia , they are my Capo and my Underboss. Plz read these rules and do as follows:



                                         Game Rules

 You must follow these rules if you dont I will know and I will take action on the spot!

1.) No double accounts

2.) No spamming or advertising without permission from me

3.) No swearing in the message ticker

4.) You can only post ur refferal link on facebook

5.) Dont ask to for money as the answer will be no

6.) Dont ask for credits as the answer will be no

7.) If your not going to become and "Active member" set your vaction setting on.

8.) Dont ask to become a team member

9.) No advertising other games to steal players away from my game mafiaplaza


 If you have any questions please contact me or a team member!!!! If you dont follow these rules the price will be banned from the site time ban communication ban or perment ban account