Welcome to MafiaGangstersCrime, a free turn-based game based on the real mafia lifestyle. The game is fully browser based so you won't need to download or install anything, and it works on anything with an internet connection. 

In MafiaGangstersCrime, you can form a criminal organization in your image, own casino's, or be a one-man criminal syndicate. Create your reputation with no concern for the law, but don't expect it to come easy. Respect has a price, and it’s measured in blood. 

MafiaGangstersCrime requires both strategy and social skills, and allows you to team up with, and compete against hundreds of other players from around the world. With so many ways to make, invest, steal and hide your money, there are countless ways to the top in this action packed world!Cool



Now we have the mysterious package in three weeksWink


New updates will come soon! this game is really new and will (we hope) that this gamewill be known. so become a member of the game is online! for every friend or personyou have to slow them to join and they do it so can you 100.000dollars (in Mafia game)will now be further information about the game!Laughing



- Chat with friends, create gangs, robbing, soul!
- Become V.I.P, buy credits!
- Take the opportunity to become a moderator and perhaps Head Moderator!
- Be the highest rank! (The Godfather)
- Play Free Online Now!
- Pulp and more

check out the forum! if you want to complain about something or if upgrades will befaster then write in the forum! We always respond to your questions, so just write! havefun and chat with the other members of MafiaGangsterCrimes! but the chat will come!the game was on! 13/3-11 at 17:54 newly created games of course! so just to join andbecome a member! "how to play" coming soon!Smile


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