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Stock Market  2010-09-12 6:42 AM

Hello everyone as you know he economy is in bad shape, and i wanted to bring that to the game, if YOU think your a smart investment come to he USA here a stock market has jut been created.
Sorry Everyone  2010-08-28 4:36 AM

Sorry Thing have been a bit slow were just waiting for some active members >.<, as soon as that happens were gonna get some pretty fun events
Reffer Competition  2010-07-06 6:27 AM

Hello everyone we are having a Referral competition, and well i guess that's self explanatory, but here are the prizes being offered
1st place....100 Million Cash
2nd place....50 Million Cash
3rd place....25 Million Cash
4th place......15 Million Cash
5th place.....10 Million Cash
so refer as much as you can
Train Train Train  2010-07-02 4:58 AM

Remember everyone, keep training! Sunday its on! Mafia Based is getting attacked and we need YOU to help take these guys OUT, good luck
Conest over  2010-07-01 12:50 AM


TravTrumpet wins, he gets 2 mill for being the closest to the number
he guessed 8-5-6, the correct answer was 8-5-2
congratulate him.