Owner of Mafia-Rounds here..




-Get plenty of members.

-Get lots of Upgrades.

-Get alot of ACTIVE players.


~Game Rules~

-Do not use racist words agains players

-Do not cuss ALOT at a player 

-Do not disrespect Crew Members!

-DO have FUN!!!




2-Mail Ban 24 hours

3-Ban 24 hours


5-Perminate Ban untill im contacted through email (Mafiarounds@yahoo.com)


New Players Start With



$1,000,000 in your bank

48 Hours of Protection


~Thanks all players~



Recent News

Game restart  2013-11-02 8:07 PM

Ok so the game has been inactive for a while. I am trying to get the game back, and start having some fun with it! Im planning on making this game a round type thing. So every week there will be a round, and wht it is, is tht ppl train and kill ppl and stuff. And there will be 3 types of winners, here is what im thinking:
Statics, Kills, and Money. There will be 3 winners per group, here is what i was thinking of giving them:
Statics: 1st Place- 100 credits, 5days VIP. 2nd Place- 50 credits, 3days VIP. 3rd Place- $1,000,000 1day VIP.
Kills: 1st Place- 75 credits, 5daysVIP. 2nd Place- 40 credits, 3days VIP. 3rd Place- $650,000,000 1day VIP.
Money: 1st Place- 50 credits 6days VIP. 2nd Place- $1,000,000 4days VIP. 3rd Place- $500,000 2days VIP.
So i was thinking of having it like tht, and reseting everything each time a new round starts. The only thing is, i need to buy a upgrade so tht i can give out credits. I already have the mass donation one, give vip days one, and a few others. So i will need lots of help from ppl! If u can donate, pls msg me in-game, and ill reply ASAP. There will be awesome rewards for helping out with money. Like becoming staff, cash, stuff like tht!