(Our Worker Monkeys are working hard to fix it and hope to have it up and running as soon as possible)

First of all, just as a reminder happy hour is still in effect between 6PM - 7PM GMT where you receive 35% extra credits with all credits that you buy.

During happy hour for as little as £1.50 you could buy 540 credits - enough to buy the presidency of a country, it's hospital, ammunition factory, VIP status for 2 days, and still have extra credits left to save, or spend on extra ammo or cash.


NEW FEATURES! -------------

The slot machine has now been added to the game too, giving you more chances to gamble with either cash or credits. You can find it in the Casino section on the right hand side of the page. As some of you may also have already noticed, we now have a daily quest you can find on the home screen, if you complete all tasks in a day you can win varied prizes - strength, credits, cash, bullets, experience, and more.


Added features for VIPS :

50% Decrease wating times

Wheel of Fortune



We hope you all enjoy the holidays, and thanks for playing!

- The Mafia-Place Administration Team


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Introduction Welcome to Mafia-Place, we're a community based online Mafia game, with many elements of gameplay - murder to gambling, stock market trading to gang warfare, racing, boxing, and much much more.


There's a way of progressing and competing with fellow criminals for every style of game play.


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