welcome on: maffia-streets! one of the best maffia games online!

Maffia-streets is a online based rpg game.
We're online 24/7, so u can always log-in!

It might be fun reading the story first(upper left corner)so you'll know what this game is all about!
also read the manual(above the story) to learn your way around in maffia streets!

good luck getting op rank on maffia-streets!

Enjoy Maffia-street.com!


Welcome Bonus!!!

First 50 to sign-up get $1,000,000 bank cash!

Recent News

New Poll  2010-11-22 11:03 PM

Since the Maffia-streets started 3 months ago it started growing pretty quick. allready we have welcomed our 150th member.

Now since we become bigger i want to give everyone a equal chance, I think this can be accomplished by a reset. but im not sure if you all would like that. So i have set up a poll. when you login you can find it in the general menu on the left side of your screen.

Happy voting and enjoy your game


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