Welcome to LegendaryMafias

In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a Mafia member. By showing your strength, earning respect, and rising in rank, you will slowly become renowned and feared in the world of the Mafia. Outsmart your fellow players and become the most powerful Mobsters.

In the beginning it will take some time getting used to. If you have little experience with similar games, you will need some time to learn the tricks of the trade. Don't worry though, by just trying everything out you will quickly learn. Steal cars, commit (organized) crimes, gamble in the casino: after performing some of these activities, you will get a hang of the way crimes are integrated in this game



Recent News

Referral Comp.  2012-07-31 10:38 PM

Good day Noobs!. First I'd like to welcome you all to LegendaryMafias. I hope you'll have a great time here. We gonna start with a referral competition that will be around for one month. So, on the 1st of Sep. at 17:00 server time, the three Mobsters with the most referrals will win the following prizes:

1st: 10,0000 mil. Cash and 90 VIP days
2nd: 5,0000 mil. Cash and 60 VIP days
3rd: 3,0000 mil. Cash and 30 VIP days

Good luck everyone!