Prepare for fight and test your wits against other players in this comprehensive and very compelling mafia game.

By steeling or trading cars, collecting hookers for the dirty pope,

organized crimes with your mates or performing mission

and murdering your fellow enemies, you can become the best of all.

It doesn´t take talent or luck to succeed, you just need a lot of bullets!


You´ll start your journey  with

72 h´s of protection

1.000.000 € in your hands

and 500.000 in your safe (other players can't steal from that)

you'll also get 7 days of VIP for free

50 credits each day


recruiting NEW crew members


You want to become our partner or boost KriegerHD?

-> register and write me a message ingame

Recent News

new update  2017-10-09 5:10 PM

a lot of new cars added today...
we´ll hope, you want them all!
Titelbild Contest  2017-10-08 1:03 PM

We're looking for an other or better title-picture for our facebook side.
Be creative
New update  2017-10-04 9:55 AM

Active players will be rewarded with 50 credits each day
New update...  2017-10-04 9:54 AM

A new layout has set...I hope you like it