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The rule about killing greenhorns that are less than 14 days inactive.
 All greenhorns are not to be killed unless:
2. YOU HAVE A VALID REASON TO KILL THEM ( having a lot of money out does not count )
A1. Accounts.
Players are only allowed to have one account, owning two or more accounts will result in all accounts being banned, if you are on the same IP as another player, mail staff and let them know.
You are responsible for whatever happens on your account, don't give out your password to anyone.
A2. Mailbox.
Do not spam the staff's mailbox, if you have a problem, message one of us once. They will deal with your problem in a timely manner, but do not mail them repeatedly, or mail multiple staff members.
A3. Behavior.
Do not harass other players, use common sense on this one, if you dont know when your crossing the line from fantasy into harassment, assume that you are harassing the other player. This will not be tolerated and will result in a stiff punishment.
A4. Bugs.
When there are errors in the code or in the system in general (bugs) it is considered as cheating if you, in order to benefit from it compared to other managers, make use of a bug or don't report it. Formations or tactical adjustments are never considered as bugs.
A5. Cheating.
If we all help out, this can be a good game. Cheating or suspected cheating shall be reported to the support and nowhere else. Exposing cheaters suspected cheaters in the chat for example, is forbidden and if that is discovered, appropriate measures will be made.
A6. Offending material.
You have the permission to publish certain text, pictures on your profile and to this material certain rules apply. You are not allowed to link or write something that can be regarded as offending to other people. This applies to material seen as sexual, insulting, racist or other material which normally is not considered as serious material for the game's success. To make it as simple as possible you can say that pictures, links and text, presented on the owner's profile and the presentation, should only be about the game, and or the owner.
A7. Attention.
These rules are subject to change without notice; check them from time to time, as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.
Chat rules:
B1. Spamming.
No advertising, this includes posting links to other websites. The only links permitted to be posted in chat are links that may help answer users questions.
B2. Typing in all capitals.
We ask you do NOT type with caps lock on or in capitals as it can prevent screen readers reading the text. The occasionally use of capitals will not result in a ban, but continued and excessive use may. We also request you no longer use the scrolling text code. Normal capitalized abbreviations such as “MOB" are ok to use.
B3. Be polite.
Flame wars. The verbal attack on others in order to instigate or continue a pointless argument. The excessive use of foul, vulgar or extremely profane language. Racist and sexist remarks, slurs and attacks, As well as unsportsmanlike and unkind attitudes. Spamming the channel or repeating yourself excessively, so that others are unable to share the chat. Exchanging information regarding pornography, adult sites, obscene URLs or any site sponsored by banner ads of pornography is strictly prohibited.
B4. No flooding or unnecessary repetition.
Interrupting the flow of the chat sessions with the use of large fonts, repetitive typing or other forms of flooding makes it hard for other chatters to continue their conversation.

Forum Rules
C1: The forum is a privilege not a right.
C2: Advertisement topics are not advised. Ask the moderators to lock one of your thread.
C3: Spam is not allowed (See Spam & Flood below)
C4: Pornographic, Gore, and anything related applies a strict rule of punishment such as possible ban.
C6: Double posts are not allowed, edit your post.
C7: Spam: Any post that does not significantly add to the conversation.
C8: Flood: Nonstop spamming
C9: Talking in caps describes a yelling mood.

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