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for parents

Informationpage for the parents.

This page is mend to give parents information about this game, and everything around it.


The game is an online browser game. That means the game is incorporated into a website.

In this mafiagame the player performs the role of a mobster. Every player starts with the rank greenhorn.  Through criminal activity the player must build a state, create wealth and earn respect. The intention of this game is that the players gather as many as possible power, and achieve the highest possible rank. Earning money is possible in many ways. Gambling in casinos, robberies and crimes, attack other members, racing on a track and so on. The game consists of clicking, and in that sense there is absolutely no violence.



The game contains a chat where players can communicate, and where they can build on their contacts. The chat is meant to make the game more enjoyable, funnier and to make the playing with other players easier.

As crew we know that also children play here . therefore we will strictly see to it that the language stays neatly. Swearing, cursing, hateful or discriminatory remarks are not permitted. We will see to it that nobody will be bullied, and that everybody can play the game freely.



Jimmy-hoffa is a game that can be played free. It doesn’t have to cost you anything when you don’t want this. When the game pleases it is possible to buy callcredits. With callcredits a player can get extra benefits in the game like a private jet, a safe, protection, extra play money etc.

Every player gets callcredits from us with his/her notification, and they can also win them in the game. So to play the game it isn’t necessary to buy. It only gives extra advantage. 

If a player does wants to buy callcredits, then the payment will find place immediately. You can’t receive a bill afterwards, there is no subscription

And there is no monthly amortization.

A minor has to ask permission from his/her parent(s) /caregiver(s) to do an order. We can not control whether this is done, therefore we cannot be held responsible for anything.



This game is for young and old, children and adults. We have no age control because it is not reliable, and counterproductive.


If you do not want your child to play this game, there is the possibility to block this game for your child. Please contact us through the contact form. We can not exclude the possibility that your child create a second account and still play with friends.



As a crew we want to keep the game fun for everyone and keep the things friendly. We will make absolutely sure that this remains so. At the forum we have placed a number of rules on which each member has to comply. Swearing, cursing, bullying, threats or other antisocial behavior will be punished with a (temporary) exclusion from the game.


We hope that we gave you as a parent sufficient information about this game. If you have any questions please feel free to make contact via through the contact form.







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