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Island Mafia! Chase Your Own Dreams or Take It From Another Mobster. The Choice is Yours.

Be the Greatest Mobster Alive and Make your way to the Top Ranks of Island Mafia.



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OFFICIAL Facebook Page  2013-06-19 10:09 AM

To all Island Mafia Members! We now have our Island Mafia Facebook page up and running! Show your support and "Like" the page. Visit our Facebook page under our "Link Partners" on the bottom left section of our website.
Casino Upgrades!  2013-06-19 2:12 AM

The Casino just got a whole lot better! You can now play Blackjack, Guess the Number, Roulette and Poker! Also, the Poker Upgrade was installed as well! Now you can actually play Real Live Poker with people all over the World for Virtual Game Cash or Credits!

Guess the Number, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker is still up for SALE! If you want to make more cash within the game because as OWNER you get all the revenue that these games make!
New Airport Upgrade Activated!  2013-06-19 2:08 AM

Instead of the OLD text airport telling you how many seconds to wait when flying to another country, you can now watch yourself fly to your New Destination with the New Virtual Airport Upgrade!
Upgrades  2013-06-14 4:38 AM

Any Purchases made within the game of IslandMob is going to help make the game better. Most if not all profits and are spent to get upgrades for the game. Example upgrades that we are trying to get is a better layout, a live in game chat, the option to connect and register by connecting your facebook account, and much much MORE! Please support the game to make it better so you can have a much more enjoyable experience with IslandMob. More info. Will be posted soon.
Beta Mode  2013-06-13 4:47 PM

Hello Mobsters! Island Mobs is currently in Beta Mode. There might be some changes going on but only to the layouts of the game and working on adding in some awesome upgrades to the game.

I promise that there will be no bugs throughout the game.


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