Welcome at Happy Crimes, The Best Online Crime Game.

The goal of this game is to get the most power, You can do this at many ways:


Steal Cars

Rob/Kill Other Players


But the most important goal is to have fun at this game.

Do you have questions about the game? You can go to Admin with your questions on the contact page or with the ingame messages.

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Recent News

Happy New Year  2014-01-02 8:13 PM

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2014
Dutch Translation.  2013-12-30 3:55 PM

Dear members,

You can now translate the game to dutch.
The whole game translates to dutch only the things i typed and made will stay english but thats not much.
New Option  2013-12-29 3:10 PM

Dear members,

I just added a new option.

Money truck robbery.
You can do this option when your rank is Follower or higher.
VIP Days  2013-12-29 3:06 PM

Dear players,

I know most of you want to have vip days but dont want to pay for it. Now you can get free vip days, How?

When you let a new player sign up at your ref link, And he becomes the rank Follower you will earn 7 vip days for free.
VIP changed  2013-12-27 8:33 PM

Some vip only options are now available for all players. But the vip waiting times are now 50% shorter.
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