Welcome to Gangsters Kingdom, a free Multi player text-based game based on the real mafia lifestyle. The game is fully browser based so you won’t need to download or install anything, and it works on anything with an internet connection.

In Gangsters Kingdom, you can form a family,In your own way, join a family, or be a one-man criminal, but don’t expect it to come easy. Respect has a price, and it’s measured in blood.

Gangsters Kingdom requires both strategy and social skills, and allows you to team up with, and compete against hundreds of other players from around the world . With so many ways to make, investments, steal and hide your money, there are countless ways to the top in this action packed world!

To ensure the game is fair for everyone, we require that you only register one account per person. We attempt to make concessions where possible, but these, and many other, measures are in place to dissuade cheating, and to keep the game fun. Users creating multiple account per person will be removed.

So please Sign up and have fun ranking Enjoy Gangsters Kingdom

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Recent News

Murder the pharoe  2010-12-23 9:00 AM

Ok for the next month murder the pharoe and egypt will be playable in the game.
Few New updates/changes  2010-12-23 4:15 AM

** Changes **

• 2 for 1 on Buy credits has been extended for another month so it ends on the 31/01/2011.

• Each Player recived 500 Credits and 10 VIP days as a christmas bonus.

• Group Robbery's money has been increased to £2,500,000 still requires 3 users.

** Updates **

• >>> Family Upgrade <<<.

• You can now set family tax % auto family donation.

• You can now set entrance and exit fees to your family (Max of 10m entrance and 5 mill exit).

• Family land now costs £2,500 per Km and gives out £500 a day per 1 Km you have.

• Money presses now cost £1,000,000 instead of £3,000,000 and last for 10 days you will earn £10,000 a hour from presses.

• You now need to be ranked Follower to make a family still costs £100,000 from your bank account.

• Family income taxation (auto family donations).

• Family attacks increased to 19 per 24 hr and 4 attacks on same family per 24 hr.

• Club house in family shop has been decreased from £1,000,000 to £250,000.

• Confrence room has been raised to £10,000 a sec to rent it out.
Group Robbery  2010-12-08 3:17 PM

The money you earn from group robberys has been increased a slight bit each person can now recive £250.000 instead of £100.000.

Still requires 3 people to do and can be done in every country