Test your wits against many other players in this comprehensive and very compelling Mafia game. Your goal is to become the best Mafiosi in the world.

By dealing drugs and murdering your fellow Mafiosi, you can become the richest player of all. Still not convinced? Look at the screenshots in the left column of your screen.


Recent News

new poll  2011-08-23 3:12 PM

Hey guys and new members i will place a new poll on later today with a vote on what you would like the next upgrade to be.
cash dash giveaway  2011-08-19 9:02 PM

The first 10 people to sign up to GangsterShank will receive £10,000,000 as a thankyou to signing up.
GangsterShank  2011-08-19 6:46 PM

Hi everyone and welcome to GangsterShank. We are not quite the Gangster PAradise material so far but we can make this game as good if we try. The more members we get the more mafia coins we earn. I can use them to make upgrades on our game. Once again i would like to say thank you for joining and welcome to GangsterShank.


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