Welcome to Gangster-Game-2

If you had chosen differently, what would you have been?

If you could have been better, how much better would you have been?

Gangster-Game throws you deep in to the dark underworld of mafia and gangster dons. As you start out a wannabe, managing at best to stealing cand from a baby , you will soon rise up the gangster ranks and prove your true worth.

In the mafia, you are nothing without respect. Throughout 6 cities globally, you will work hard to establish your name, earn respect, and ensure nobody will want to mess with you.

Strong mafia alliances are a must, every gangster knows this. As you progress through the mafia ranks, you will soon realise your need for loyal bodyguards and friends. When you establish your own Family, armed with your loyal followers, you will have the chance to show the rest of the world, just what you are capable of.

If you think you could have chosen differently and survived, now is your chance to prove it!

Step foward young wannabe, show the world what you are really made of..


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