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to GICmobsters

a gangsters world  simulation game.

A simple internet connection is all you need to play this criminally go0od game.

In GICmobsters  , you can create a criminal organization ,

 own Casino sections ,

 Ammunition factory's , Hospital's ,

become president  of your own country or

be a one_men  criminal syndicate.



Buy yourself a nice house  to gain the benefits of relaxing in luxery.





Or control  and supply  the drugscene.

Build your criminal  reputation without concern for the law ,

 but do not expect it to be easy !!!

You need to pay for your rising reputation with blood, sweat and tears.

GICmobsters requires both a criminal mind aswell as a high degree of Social skills ,

with the option to join forces and compete with other

Mobsters  /  Family's  around our criminal world.

With multiple ways to earn , steal , copy , gamble ,

invest  and hide your money.

So what's your plan  to get to the top and rule this criminal world

as Godfather ? 

Feel free to register  / join  and find out how criminally go0od you can be.



Only for the most malicious under us !!!

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Global incarceration rate chart.

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Recent News

Game reset and upgrades part 2.  2017-09-17 6:56 PM

There are also gifts to be found in the game. Click on them to see what you present will be.
Game reset and upgrades.  2017-09-17 1:43 PM

The game was reset today (17-09-2017) and we have added some upgrades to the game again.
1: You will see yourself fly now.
2: You get 5 lockpicks when joining the game to get yourself out of prison, you can also buy lockpicks at the exchange office now.
3: Vacation mode, this will enable you to go in "hybernation" from 3 days up to a month.
4: Marksmanship, this training will approve you killing skills.
6: Status bars have been changed.
And some upgrades you can't see, but will give us more controle over the game and it's features.
We hope you enjoy them and the game even more now.
Greating from the admins.
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