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We would like to announce you that the <<familiar>> Eurogangster game that was one of the tops in 2010-2012
(over 6500 active members), re-launched with a better platform and with the name <<MafiaBullet>>.

We would like to invite you all joining our new Mafia Game and we can guarantee you 100% satisfaction.
Right now we have it available in this languages : English, Romanian, Italian, Russian, Deutsch, Turkish and very soon we ll add more languages....
Our community is really active and in 2 days we have over 100 active members.

MafiaBullet's main target is to create a huge, clean, active community that will enjoy playing our game.
MafiaBullet is a mobile friendly game, fast and very enjoyable.
We are using the normal signup form and Facebook Login.

It would be also very appreciated if you can share this post, so you can help us spread the word worldwide that we are Back.

GameSite :
Facebook :

Hope to see you all there

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