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The Legendary EuroGangster is back with new name !

Dear Gangsters,

We are very happy and at the same time very emotional that after 10 years period we decided to relaunch EuroGangster but with a different name.
The name is MafiaShot and we believe that it has the same power like Eurogangster.
Before 10 years we had over 20k gangsters active in 1 year period and we had a great community, BUT this annoyed other games and hired hackers that they attacked the server and the games economy at the same time.
The result was catastrophical and gangsters started not having trust in the game.
So we decided that its better to shut it down than destroying the name that Eurogangster created in the browser game industry.
Those were some few words about our history.

Lets talk about future and future is MafiaShot.

We redesigned the game , we secured the game and added some new features.

Let see some Mafia Shot Features :

1. Crimes
2. Steal Cars
3. Organized Crimes
4. Police Chase
5. Scavenge
6. Workout
7. Bullet Factory ( You can own the factory and have revenue )
8. Casino Games ( You can own the casino games and have revenue )
9. Lottery
10. Kill Gangsters
11. Gangs
12. Chat system ( Gang chat and more included )
13. Newbie Corner ( Very useful for new gangsters )

and much more.....

We ll work very hard and continuously we ll add new features and functions ingame.
We hope we ll receive the same support that we received before 10 years.

Are you ready to conquer the Mafia World ?


Register here ->

Recent News

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