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Do you have what it takes to survive in the underbelly of the world, in a world of Vampires and rival houses/covens will you rise to the top either on your own or with your house. 

In this game you will have to fight with and against houses and rival Vampires. 

Your power comes from your weaponry, buy casino's, prisons etc to earn extra revenue also buy your house property to earn your house extra revenue. Order hits and take out the enemy before you are taken out in this mmorpg

Recent News

New updates  2018-12-05 11:57 PM

We will be releasing new updates and features into the game to celebrate us going into 2019

No spoilers into what the new features are but they will be game changing.

A 2 week long event will be starting on December 20th 10am game time until 3rd January 10am game time.
Within that time you will have the chance to
-to buy land in new countries
-Buy limited time weapons and armour to boost your overall stats
-get all done tor packages with a discounted price of credits
- get larger rewards on the wheel of fortune
- have the chance to find a Christmas present in any part of the game with a hence to find a large amount of cash or some free credits

And some special things will be added during this event.
Sensational Summer  2018-05-31 9:20 AM

Been abit slow but things are picking up.

Updates will begin rolling out shortly to stay tuned
Plenty of new things coming to this game which will be HOT...

Summer events will start just before the updates begin

Gather your friends, create a family and stay tuned for a Sensational Summer
New feature released  2018-01-15 12:31 AM

A new feature has been released

Where you can save the cash you have while your on holiday
By going into your I game settings you can find a way we option where you can put your account on "Vacation" this will stop people from attacking you while your onholiday
But at the same time you can't login until your game vacation is over.

But for example you activated it for 7 days but you want to login early after 5days the Administration can terminate your I game vacation.
Some small changes  2018-01-10 5:31 AM

Some small changes have occurred behind the scenes

Some waiting times have been lowered and increased.
The bank interest has been slightly heightened.
A couple of new countries have been added

New features to improve the game are coming soon
New weapons and armour are coming soon (current weapons and armour will be removed)
And some other new changes will be made over the next few days

The Halloween event has now started
From now until the 9th of november
You will be able to find box's containing th and best prizes anywhere on the game.
Some new HALLOWEEN weapons have been found in th and shop
The event wheel of fortune has started offering bigger prizes
Items in the exchange office have been added at a discounted price.
Members name have gotten a temporary colour to commemorate the event


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