Do YOU think you stand a chance? do YOU think you can live for eternity? Good luck proving it. Eternal Mafia allows beginer mobsters and experianced mobsters into the real world. Still think you stand a chance? Give it a go!

I will tell you this for free though, find someone you can trust. Start a family up with them and make sure you keep an eye on each other. We wouldn't want a...accident to happen now would we? heh heh.

I wish thee luck!


Nights are always cold and dismal around this gang ruled area. But this one, however, is more so than the rest. You can’t help but feel the bitterness attack your face, while the wind claws at your clothes. Your cold stricken body desperately tries to get home without being seen by any degenerate mobsters. ou quicken your pace, hurrying down the street to your house and try opening the door. Sniffing, you smell something lurking in the air, something dangerous, wrong. You turn around only to be welcomed with a Knuckle-duster connecting with your face. You wake up to find yourself shivering on the damp ground outside your house. You hurry inside, slam the door shut and lock it securely behind you. After breathing deeply for a minute, trying to slow your breathing and calm your nerves, you drag your heavy lead feet towards the bathroom.

You close the bathroom door behind you and lock it and start to wash your face. "You look a bit brusied there mate." Said a unfamilier voice from behind you. You quickly turn around to see a man stood there in a nicely dressed out suit with a hatt on to cover his eyes. "I don't know what you done mate, but somehow, somehow, you been dragged downwards." You stare at him scared to death. How did he get in? How does he know you? "you proberly have lots of questions but the truth is I can't answer." He takes off his hat and you suddenly realise who he is. He is Jonomatt, The leader of the Eternal Family. He's been in the news with warring agaisnt families and starting to overtake the world. "buy yourself a wepon mate, I've contacted one of my friends, they need someone like you. But you better earn their respect." You glance at him and take the paper that he offered to you. "go to that address and we will see what we can do for ye. Now i best be off. Oh.. and here" He throws a ten packs of cash down onto the table. "looks like they took everything they could. Buy a wepon or protection. I got your back for 24 hours but after that, your on your own."

You blink. Then he vanishes.

What you do next is up to you. Will you follow his advice? You can take the missions from the menu on the right when you log in. Or why not join a family and make sure you have some protection after you first join? That's the beauty of Eternal mafia, You can do anything you want!


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