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Recent News

New game Drcity  2013-11-30 3:24 AM

Come check out another DR brand game .
With game developements happening every day and new users signing up come test out this exciting new mmorpg text based game that sets it self aside from all others.
Round 3/4  2013-11-30 3:21 AM

Round 3
Started November 11th 10:00:00pm server time
Ends December 11th 10:00:00pm server time

Round 4
Starts December 11th 10:00:00pm server time
Ends January 11th 10:00:00pm server time
Layout difference with browsers  2013-10-28 1:55 AM

Game Best Played on Google Chrome then firefox explorer. Only difference is color in borders
Round 2  2013-10-25 7:30 PM

Round starts October 11th 10:30:00 pm server time
Ends November 11th at 10:30:00 server time
Referral Contest  2013-10-13 6:06 AM

Referral Contest!!!

Well Doperunners, Im holding a Contest for the round to give out credits for the time you could invest bringing friends, family, or just new players to the game. Your referral must also reach the rank of Thug before it counts towards your total referred players, remember to use your referral link when inviting players to the game.

Here are the rewards

5 referrals - 1500 DRC

15 referrals - 2000 DRC

25 referrals - 3000 DRC

Total of 6,500 credits to earn!

If caught cheating you and all your referrals will be banned
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