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                  Welcome to Dark_Empire

Dark_Empire is a Browser based game no additional downloads required.

To become a member is free so why not try it Wink

Most of the things you pay with credits have been removed and is now free for all players.

Join today and get 5 day's free as a VIP!!

Active players receive 5 credits a day.

The rules are simple kill or be killed. Become the biggest mafia Don of all time and lead your goons into war with other families or be a mercenary a gun for hire take out the top players the decision is yours good luck!

Steal cars , hire prostitutes, murder enemies, commit crimes and loads more.

Casino's are available play to earn some extra cash if you are lucky enough.

                                                               New Features:

There is a time bar in the home menu.

You can now Auction items.

Live chat in-game get to know the other players better Wink

Mysterious packages are hidden somewhere in the USA go find them Money mouth


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