Welcome to CrimeRiderz, an online free mafia game.

CrimeRiderz offers many hours of gameplay and features, completely free. Create an account and start playing with you'r friends, and many others online. Kidnap the president, steal a car from a famous popstar, buy a bazooka or a ak47, test you'r luck in the casino, create a family, take out you'r enemies, form alliances and dominate the world. And this is only some of the features avialable. (You can see even more features in the changelog)


Further more, we like role-playing in this game. This mean that we like to see players acting ingame, as if they really was their character. This includes role-playing that you'r controlling a country. Example, if you and you'r familly wanna control a country, then post it on the forums under the promotions section, at tell us, that you control the country. Then make sure you really control the country, and kill you'r enemies in there, or remove the family wich is already controlling the country. But first check that you are allowed to control this country, in the rules. (Only countries allowed to control is Danmark, New Zealand and Denmark. Therefore we recommend new players to start in other countries than theese!)


Now grab you'r guns, and get out there, and dominate the world...!


Families currently controlling:

New Zealand SCORPIA

Ireland CrimeRiderzGang


Recent News

Free money!  2013-06-17 4:12 PM

Get 100.000$ ingame money for free here: https://www.facebook.com/CrimeriderzTheGame/posts/538825746184787

CrimeBozz - CrimeRiderz Team
Dkassasin lost control of Denmark  2013-06-17 3:32 PM

Dkassasin have lost control of Denmark, as they have ben disbanded.

Crimebozz - CrimeRiderz Team
DkAssasin have taking over denmark.  2013-06-17 11:02 AM

"DkAssasin have taking over denmark"

CrimeBozz - Crimeriderz team.
CrimeRiderzGang has overtaken Ireland  2013-06-17 10:57 AM

"We, the team of CrimeRiderzGang, is now announcing our control of New Zealand. We will kill everyone who enters the country without our permission!


CrimeBozz - Crimeriderz team.
Changelog v2  2013-06-15 12:15 PM

The following list will contain every change made, since v1.2

Free Credits - All players will every day they are active, recieve 50 free credits at midnight.
New Chat - A mini-chat has been added to all pages.
Building prices reduced - The price in credits of all building, have been reduced to 50 credits.

CrimeBozz - The Crimeriderz Team


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